Motherhood & Maternity Sessions

Thank you for considering me to be your photographer! When you decide to book a storytelling family session with me, you're booking an experience to have with your family. I want to capture your family just as you are, at this moment and in this season. It's all about love, connection, silly looks, kisses, hugs, and letting me capture your family's story. 

A session with me is an opportunity to play, have fun, love on each other and let your kids be kids, whether they are toddlers or teenagers. I do not expect perfect, well-behaved children. I love capturing the magic of childhood, which is messy, crazy, wild, and beautiful…at any age! The second kids are forced to do things they don't want to do, like sit and pose for a photo - then it is game over! It becomes an unpleasant experience for everyone. My goal is to make your time with me stress-free, enjoyable, and an experience you can walk away from, feeling happy and excited about. 

All sessions include the following:

  • Wardrobe & location consultation
  • Access to my client closet
  • A curated gallery with your edited & hand-painted session images
  • Deluxe & Essential Storytelling Sessions require a $100 deposit due at booking


Pricing & Packages

Maternity Storytelling Session


A gallery with a minimum of 40, edited & hand-painted images ready for immediate download.

This session is for new moms/parents. If you have other children, please refer to my Storytelling Sessions.

Motherhood Storytelling Session


A gallery with a minimum of 40, edited & hand-painted images ready for immediate download.

These sessions are a gift to you. It's a very special experience capturing your bond with your children.


Beautiful Golden Light

I photograph during golden hour and blue hour, which is that lovely light, just after sunset. Keep in mind that the golden hour can occur from 7:30 PM or later during the summer hours.


Locations are determined by the vibe you are looking for, how far you are willing to travel, and the time of year. I have a long list of unique places I love to photograph at.


This is the fun part! I really encourage my clients to put the time into picking out a beautiful, photo-worthy wardrobe. There is no need to drop tons of money on all new looks for the family! I am here to help you build on what you already own, pick out a few new pieces to tie it all together, or you can take advantage of my client closet. I've curated some beautiful pieces over the year, mainly consisting of maxi, boho, and romantic style dresses. I do my best to accommodate a wide range of sizes for the ladies and have children's pieces available as well. This is a complimentary service to all my clients.

Other little tidbits

You will 100% receive some traditional "smile at the camera" posed images. But my main focus is to photograph your family in a storytelling way, capturing authentic moments. When you hang your pictures on your walls or in an album, I want viewers to see all that love and family connection, with each image feeling unique and special. If you are hoping for just a holiday card image, I am probably not a good fit to be your photographer.

Your Investment

Booking a session with me is an investment, and I pour my heart and soul into my business so I can deliver the best product and art for my clients. My pricing reflects my time, skills, and editing process I go through with all my sessions.

Ready to Begin?

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